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Stained Glass Lamps-Sophisticated Home Decor

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Stained Glass Lamps – Sophisticated Home Decor!

Stained Glass Lamps-Sophisticated Home Decor
Beautiful Stained Glass Lamp

Stained glass lamps give an old world charm, warm and calm feeling. They can be used to replace candles to eliminate the problem of lighting many candles and replacing them regularly.  At the same time, it lends a warm and radiant feel to the room.  When you install stained glass lamps, you will feel like you are living in another world.  The air of your house will be kaleidoscopically colorful, when sun will glance at your place. There will be no grey sky and sad mood in your house!  

Any room requires its own color filling. We are used to hearing that as a rule carpets, wallpapers, pictures, and posters fulfill this function.  But even our ancestors knew that stained glass could make the most modest interior fascinating.  It turns out, that these “colorful glasses,” attributes of Gothic cathedrals and art exhibitions, are quite appropriate in our houses and apartments.  Static yet colorful, stained glass lighting is very pleasant to look at. These fixtures include floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and table lamps in Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mission, and Victorian styles.

Stained glass lamps are lamps which shades are made of stained glass (many pieces soldered together).  Some stained glass lamps have stained glass bases as well.  For over 100 years, Tiffany lamps and lighting have been an essential part of a luxurious home decor.  These stained glass lamps are from the style and design of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848 – 1933).  Louis Tiffany used his creative talents to follow his love for art, instead of following in his father’s footsteps.

The first Tiffany lamps were made at the beginning of the 20th century.  Each lamp was made by hand and reflected the work of the individual artist.  The base of the lamp was typically made of brass or bronze.  It should be pointed out that several copies of a particular design were made but the lamps were never mass produced.  Even though several copies of a pattern were produced, each lamp shade has a one of a kind feel imparted by the individual artist. Tiffany stained glass lamp shades are constructed from hand cut, polished and shaped pieces of stained art glass.  Copper foil is wrapped around each piece of glass, glued together then soldered with lead.  You may observe some lines, seeds or bubbles in the glass… these aren’t defects, but the natural beauty of the glass.

Stained Glass Lamp - Gorgeous!
Stained Glass Lamp – Gorgeous!

There are so many modern stained glass lamps around but nothing can beat the finesse of Tiffany stained glass lamps, which are in a league of their own.  It’s quite relieving to know one can buy Tiffany reproduction stained glass lamps in almost every original style and color.  Tiffany-style stained glass lamps have set up their own niche in the world of glassmaking.  You can find Tiffany reproduction stained glass lamps in almost any type of room, from restaurants to prestigious buildings, from homes to offices and other professional meeting rooms.

Today’s contemporary versions of these decorative Tiffany floor or table stained glass lamps tend to be much more refined in design and also the glass panes that comprise the shades also tend to be more brightly jewel toned then in past decades.  Tiffany stained glass lamps are beautifully detailed and adorned often with images of nature such as the dragonfly, peacock feathers, wisteria flowers and blossoms.  It is hard not to be drawn into their beauty and is it easy to see how they also double quite easily as an ornamental object during the day.

If you appreciate the beauty of illuminated colored glass, then a Tiffany stained glass lamp is what you’re looking for.  The vibrant colors of the stained glass lamp glowing in a darkened room are mesmerizing to the eyes of the beholder.  The light bursting from Tiffany stained glass lamp shades is so intense, you find yourself questioning how such a tiny light bulb can cause such intensity of light! Tiffany stained glass lamps create a dramatic effect to any room.

Small Stained Glass Lamp
Small Stained Glass Lamp

The nice thing about Tiffany stained glass lamps, no matter what era it is from, is that it can reflect little coin or diamond shaped shards of light that can end up on your wall.  This gives any room a very cozy and elegant touch.

Tiffany stained glass lamps are also very nice to read by as the light from them is bright, but has a soft quality.  Tiffany stained glass lamps also look best in a dark corner where they can shine in their full glory.


The less clutter that is around Tiffany stained glass lamps the better they look.  Most have very elegant stained glass lamp bases as well that are reminiscent of flower stems or curved like swan’s necks.  These gorgeous stained glass lamps can quite easily make a tacky looking kitchen appear more expensive, a recreation room seems cozier and a dining room seems like the height of elegance. No matter where Tiffany style stained glass lamps are placed, they definitely add a touch of class. Tiffany lighting fixtures come in beautiful colors and designs to complement any style of home decor.

For something a little more sophisticated but still fun and reminiscent of a more tropical place, you might be inspired by a Tiffany style palm tree lamp.  Staying true to the elegant design of the original artist, a Tiffany style palm tree lamp is made up of stained glass mosaic tiles perched atop a sturdy copper or iron base.

Here are a few that I have found that are really very pretty!

West End Tiffany Table Lamp
West End Tiffany Table Lamp

West End Tiffany Table Lamp

West End Tiffany Table Lamp [More]

Price: $422.00
Sale: $399.99


Hyacinth Bowl Pendant
Hyacinth Bowl Pendant



Hyacinth Bowl Pendant

Hyacinth Bowl Pendant [More]

Price: $761.00
Sale: $649.99
Leland Stained Glass Wall Sconce
Leland Stained Glass Wall Sconce

Leland Stained Glass Wall Sconce

Leland Stained Glass Wall Sconce [More]

Price: $167.00
Sale: $164.99

So folks, think about obtaining a Tiffany stained glass lamp, you will never regret it!  Your home will twinkle with beauty!




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11 thoughts on “Stained Glass Lamps-Sophisticated Home Decor

  1. Nice article! I remember being drawn to my Grandmother’s Tiffany lamp which sat in her dining room. The glass on her lamp had a butterfly pattern and it really complimented her elegant but simple décor.

  2. A fascinating article, and you really sold me on the play of color on a room that comes with these lamps. My challenge is that my wife’s taste runs toward modern tech look or Art Deco. So, my question is where might I find a reproduction of a TRUE Art Deco stained glass lamp that has the whole stream-lined future in the eyes of the 1920s look? I’d think that could be dazzling, but a real challenge.
    If I do find it, another question comes to mind. How do modern LED bulbs work in these, and do they produce a wide enough range of color frequency to actually light up the colored glass?

  3. Hi, to be honest, that Chloe Lighting that is soo beautiful! been my dream to own one of these lamps from Tiffany, I cannot compare Tiffany to any …and I agree, Tiffany has its own magical touch!… but for now, am just only looking and keeping your website as soon our house get done …sigh! that Chloe one is sooo pretty!

    1. I agree they are very beautiful and I hope you come back and visit me anytime! Working on a house can be quite daunting so good luck with that! 

  4. I have found a beautiful Art Deco Tiffany table lamp that I hope you will love! Here is the link:

    Bellas Table Lamp

    Bellas Table Lamp [More]

    Price: $424.00
    Sale: $329.99

    And it’s on sale!!
    About the LED lights, they should work fine. My research shows that the quality of a bulb’s light also depends on its color accuracy, also known as the color rendering index (CRI). The higher the bulb’s CRI, the more realistically it reveals colors. Incandescent lightbulbs have a CRI of 100, but most CFLs and LED bulbs have CRIs in the 80s. According to a recent study by the DOE, only a handful of LED bulbs have CRIs in the 90s, though that will improve as efficacy increases. Note that the CRI is not always listed on the packaging, so you may have to search the manufacturer’s website for it. Hope this helps and thanks again!

  5. Great article!
    Do these lamps work with LED Bulbs? I love the layout of your website as well.
    Do you find this to be an easy field to grasp?
    Stained Glass seems to sound like fun hobby I love the stained glass designs. Well keep up the great work with the site.

    1. Thanks so much Josh!  They do work with LED bulbs.  I appreciate your comments on my site as well.  Although there is quite a bit of research involved, I love doing it! Please stay in touch!

  6. Thanks for this article, can always find something of interest when I visit here, everything is always so unique. I love the beauty of the Tiffany lamps and how the light reflects from around them. I have a reproduction of one in my bedroom, in the corner on a stand, and yes it really stands out. I know that an actual Tiffany lamp the glass can have bubbles or what one might think is blemishes in the glass, do the one today still have that? I really have not noticed it with the one I have. I need to check these out a bit closer as I think a lamp would make a great accent to my spare bedroom as well.

    1. Thanks for checking out the stained glass lamps. I love them and I’m glad to hear you do too! I have never heard of these bubbles in the glass. I haven’t seen any with that problem. I will do some more research on this and let you know. You should definitely consider one for your spare bedroom. One just can’t have too much stained glass in the house!

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