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Stained Glass Art History – Creating Beauty

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Stained Glass Art History – Creating Beauty

Stained Glass Art
Stained Glass Art


There is something truly magical about stained glass.  Have you ever looked at a stained glass window or a Tiffany lamp?  The warm, cozy and soothing feelings these works of art can invoke are wonderful!  Everyone should have a piece of stained glass somewhere in their home because the beauty and uniqueness cannot be overstated!

Stained Glass Art History

In the 19th century there was a resurgence of interest in Gothic architecture and glass studios in England made their versions of medieval windows for Gothic Revival buildings. These Gothic style windows enhanced churches and simple ornamental windows were the norm until the development of a distinctive American style by John LaFarge and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

These were two American painters who began experimenting with stained glass, independent of each other and soon became competitors. The finest examples of John La Farge’s work can be found in Harvard University’s Memorial Hall, the windows of Trinity Church in Boston, and in Judson Memorial Church, New York. John La Farge (1835-1910) designed stained glass between 1874 and his death. LaFarge developed and copyrighted opalescent glass in 1879. Tiffany popularized it and his name became synonymous with opalescent glass and the American glass movement.


Vintage Lamp with Stained Glass Shade
Vintage Lamp with Stained Glass Shade

About This Piece

Vintage Design

– Vintage brass lamp with a stained-glass shade
– Made of brass and wood
– Requires E14 bulb
– Shade 16x11cm
Design Period1920 to 1949
StyleVintage, Art Deco
Detailed ConditionVery Good — This vintage item has no defects, but it may show slight traces of use.
Plug TypeEuropean Plug (up to 250V)
Product CodeXHP-172654
Restoration and Damage DetailsElectricity replaced
MaterialsBrass, Glass, Wood
ColorGold, multicolored
Height16 inch
Handcrafted Stained Glass Pendent Lamp
Handcrafted Stained Glass Pendent Lamp

About This Piece

Vintage Design

– Handmade colorful stained glass pendant completely crafted by hand
– Tiffany style lamp with floral motif and scalloped edge
– Weighs 9 kg
– Lead frame holds the glass in place
– Total height including chain is 99 cm
– Wired for use in Europe (220V) but conversion to UL rated standard is possible
– One E27 light bulb
Design Period1970 to 1979
Country of ManufactureGermany
StyleVintage, Hand-Crafted, Bohemian
Detailed ConditionGood — This vintage item remains fully functional, but it shows sign of age through scuffs, dings, faded finishes, minimal upholstery defects, or visible repairs.
A professional electrician has confirmed this piece is in working order.
Restoration and Damage DetailsLight wear consistent with age and use, Two small panes of colored glass have a crack
Product CodeOIZ-246825
MaterialsStained Glass
Height13 inch
Diameter20 inch
Weight RangeStandard – Between 40kg and 80kg




We now use this beautiful glass in our homes as accents for our windows. It’s easy to have the look of a stained glass window with the many reproduction pieces made today that hang in front of our windows, letting the light shine through. When thinking of a window treatment for a solitary window, such as in a small room or in a stairwell or hallway, give some thought to hanging a gorgeous stained glass piece in front of your window to brighten up the space and give it more emphasis than it would normally get.

French Art Nouveau Walnut Wall Cabinet with Stained Glass Door
French Art Nouveau Walnut Wall Cabinet with Stained Glass Door

About This Piece

Vintage Design

– Art Nouveau wall cabinet with original stained glass door
– Produced in France in the 1900s
– Original brass handle and walnut body
Design Period1890 to 1919
Country of ManufactureFrance
StyleArt Nouveau
Detailed ConditionGood — This vintage item remains fully functional, but it shows sign of age through scuffs, dings, faded finishes, minimal upholstery defects, or visible repairs.
Restoration and Damage DetailsLight wear consistent with age and use, Patina consistent with age and use
Product CodeMY-239018
MaterialsStained Glass, Walnut
ColorBrown, multicolored
Width25 inch
Depth11 inch
Height36 inch
Weight RangeStandard – Between 40kg and 80kg




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8 thoughts on “Stained Glass Art History – Creating Beauty

  1. Right again! Your website is beautiful and I love all this good information. Handcrafted decorations give any space more three dimensionality to it. The uniqueness alone is priceless! I’m currently remaking my room at college and am on the hunt for a beautiful setup. Can’t wait to read more!


    1. I am so glad you like my site.  I am hooked on handcrafted decorations and I’m so happy to see someone else shares my enthusiasm!  Keep in touch and good luck at college!

  2. Hi Brenda,

    I appreciate this article because it added to my knowledge of glass. I used to be an antique dealer and sold a lot of opalescent glass, but I had no idea about its creator.

    1. Hi Tanya! An antique dealer sounds like fun and I bet you ran across some beautiful and unique items in that business. I’m glad you liked my article and that you learned something about stained glass. I love the art of it as I’m sure you do. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I am a down to earth all natural type of person and always love coming to this site as you always have something that fits my décor and personality. I love the little lamp and think it would look great on my desk.

    I have always admired the bungalow homes with the stained glass windows, all the handcrafted wood and the old fashioned charm. Stained glass has always fascinated me, in fact I have taken a couple of classes that I really enjoyed. I love the tiffany lamps and have a newer version on my night stand. There is just something about the different colors and the way the light penetrates them that makes them absolutely beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Dena, and I could not agree more! I think I could spend hours looking at stained glass! It mesmerizes me. I have had several friends take classes and once they do, they’re hooked! We obviously have the same style and I’m happy to hear it. You might also like to know that I am making a quilt that looks like a stained glass window! If I ever get it done, I’ll send you a picture! Thanks again for your wonderful comment!

  4. My great grandparents always had this amazing Tiffany stained glass lamp in their Den. I remember that piece of decor over anything else in their home. It was a standing lamp with a dangling pendant style shade in beautiful stain glass floral pattern. I wish I knew what happened to that lamp! I have always wanted to find one like this. I am sure the value of the original is out of this world by now, but even a replica would be nice.
    It is wonderful to hear about the history of this amazing art form. It has intrigued me for a long time!

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