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Special Father’s Day Gifts – Treat Him to Something Unique!

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Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day

Special Father’s Day Gifts – Treat Him to Something Unique!

(Updated 05/27/2019)

Father’s Day in the United States is just around the corner so it’s time to celebrate those wonderful dads and let them know how much they mean to us!

When the concept of a “Father’s Day” first happened in 1909, many people scoffed at the idea because they believed that the mother was the sole nurturer of children. All of us know, however, that a father is just as important for a child as the mother is. If mothers are the heroes of child-rearing, the significance of a father in the development and emotional well being of a child is no less. A child always depends on their dad for spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and even social well being. For daughters, their father is the ideal man in the world and also the first man they adore. For sons, a father is an idol and the strongest man they aspire to emulate.


Interesting Father’s Day Trivia

  • Sonora Dodd from Spokane, Washington, first suggested a “Father’s Day” in 1909 after listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. She wanted to establish a day to honor her father, William Smart, who was a widowed Civil War veteran with 6 children and a farm. In 1972, President Nixon signed the holiday into law. Stewart, Alicia W. “Modern Fathers Face New Expectations.” CNN. Updated June 16, 2013
  • In 2013, there were 214,000 stay-at-home (SAH) dads in the U.S. SAH dads are defined as married fathers with children younger than 15 who are out of the labor force for at least one year to care for the family while their wives work outside of the home.“Trends in Fathering.” National Center for Fathering. 2015
  • A new study shows that fathers who share household chores with their wives tend to have more ambitious daughters as well as daughters with more broad definitions of gender roles. Sanghani, Radhika. “Dads Who Do the Housework Will Have More Ambitious Daughters.” The Telegraph. May 29, 2014
  • Over 87 million cards are sent each year on Father’s Day, making it the 4th most popular day for sending cards. “Dad Stats.” National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. 2015
  • When fathers are involved in their child’s education, the children perform better in school, learn more, and exhibit healthier behavior. Raeuburn, Paul. Do Fathers Matter? What Science Is Telling Us about the Parent We’ve Overlooked. New York, NY: Scientific America, 2014

Special Father’s Day Gifts

We all want our fathers to feel special on their special day, so you might want to check out some of these unique and very special gift ideas.

Maybe dad needs a break, so how about a dartboard game!

Op Art Dartboard Set

Luxe Lacquer.

A posh take on a pub classic, our glam, and glossy Op Art … [More]

Price: $395.00

Mind-bending, hand-finished patterns in high-contrast lacquer gloss up any game room or dude’s den.



I also love this manly vase!

Vesuvius Short Vase

Organic Modernism.

Sculptural, modernist, dynamic, but pleasingly balan… [More]

Price: $168.00


More Interesting Father’s Day Trivia

  • Charles Darwin, the “father of evolution” was also a devoted father to his 10 kids (two of whom died in infancy). In a time when childrearing was seen as women’s work, he played a central role in educating and raising his children. Raeuburn, Paul. Do Fathers Matter? What Science Is Telling Us about the Parent We’ve Overlooked. New York, NY: Scientific America, 2014
  • The amount of time U.S. fathers spend with their children has tripled since 1965. The number of stay-at-home dads has nearly doubled since 1989. Wallace, Kelly. “Do Modern Dads Get Enough Credit?” CNN. Updated March 5, 2015
  • The world’s oldest father is believed to be Ramajit Raghav from India. He was 96 years old when his 52-year-old wife gave birth to a baby boy in 2010. Raghav was single until he was in his 80s. “World’s Oldest Dad, 97, Devastated After Wife Leaves Him Following Disappearance of Their Son.” Daily Mail. October 3, 2013
  • Average spending on Mother’s Day gifts in the U.S. is about $168.94 compared to $119.84 for Father’s Day. “Dad Stats.” National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. 2015
  • The father with the most children is most likely Ismail Ibn Sharif, an Alaouite sultan who fathered 888 children with hundreds of wives and concubines in the late 17th century. “How the Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco Sired 1,000 Children.” Ancient Origins. February 26, 2015

I also love Jonathan Adler products and they have some great ones for dad! Look at these!

Large Monaco Square Box

Future Squared.

Our Monaco Boxes are made from polished steel topped wi… [More]

Price: $298.00


Does your dad like deep sea fishing? Or maybe just likes something very unusual and quite stunning for his office? This item would be perfect for him!

Menagerie Shark Sculpture

Animal Kingdom.

Elemental forms with subtle layers of pattern and decor… [More]

Price: $495.00

Their Menagerie Collection starts its journey in their Soho pottery studio where Jonathan and his team hand-sculpt the original model in clay. The prototype is then sent to their workshop in Peru where skilled artisans produce each piece in high-fired stoneware.

One more thing I would like to show you is this perfect tray box from Jonathan Adler –

Jacques Tray

Clearly Cool.

Our Jacques Collection is the perfect blend of simplicity an… [More]

Price: $495.00


Jonathan Adler Gifts: Perfect Presents for Every Occasion


Want a Few More Trivia Facts About Father’s Day?

  • Father’s Day is celebrated at different times around the world. Spain and Belgium celebrate fathers on March 19; Australia and New Zealand honor fathers on the first Sunday in September; and in Britain, Canada, and the U.S., Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Raeuburn, Paul. Do Fathers Matter? What Science Is Telling Us about the Parent We’ve Overlooked. New York, NY: Scientific America, 2014
  • A male who has many brothers is more likely to have sons. In contrast, a man who has many sisters is more likely to have daughters. “Chromosomes Are So 20th Century—Male Genes Really Determine Baby Gender, Says Study.” Science 2.0. December 14, 2008
  • The word “dad” was first recorded in 1500 but is most likely significantly older. Researchers believe it is derived from a child’s first sounds and is nearly universal. In other languages, the word is tad (Welsh), daid (Irish), tata (Greek), tete (Lithuanian), and tatah (Sanskrit). “Dad.” Online Etymological Dictionary. 2001–2015
  • At least 66 countries guarantee a father’s right to paid paternity leave, and at least 31 offer 14 weeks or more. The United States is not one of them. Samakow, Jessica. “Paternity Leave: Best States for News Dads.” Huffington Post. Updated December 6, 2012
  • Halsey Taylor invented the drinking fountain as a tribute to his father, who contracted typhoid fever after drinking from a contaminated public water supply in 1896. “15 Dad Facts for Father’s Day.” Mental Floss

I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.
– Umberto Eco

Father's Day
Father’s Day

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18 thoughts on “Special Father’s Day Gifts – Treat Him to Something Unique!

  1. Hi Brenda,
    I love your post!! The father’s day trivia is so interesting. I learned many new facts I didn’t know before. And great gift idea too.
    I am so impressed by the number of dads who are stay-at-home. I think this is so important to show their kids the importance of fathers being involved. What a great way to bond with your children.

    1. Hi Suzanne! Thanks for your comment! I believe fathers have a huge impact on our children and it is good to know that times are changing. Please come back and visit anytime!

  2. Hi Brenda, I enjoyed the trivia you have here about Fathers day which for the most part I was unaware of.
    It’s nice to know that it is celebrated around the world and not just here in the USA

  3. A very interesting read about Fathers. Fathers are so important to the family. Father’s day is just around the corner and I hope that every father feels special and gets a very special gift like the ones you have shown here. Thanks so much for educating me!

    1. Who knew there was so much trivia about Father’s Day, right!! I hope all fathers everywhere get a big hug from their children this year (as well as a special gift)! My dad is 92 years old and still going strong, and I am grateful to have him. I appreciate your comment, and come back soon!

  4. I enjoy the read very much, Brenda. Very interesting in finding out the little and hidden details. Not every day we read this. The Dartboard Set will be a good option – Dad and son spending time together!
    Have a good day!

    1. Thanks Sharon for your nice comment! It is nice to know that dads are being appreciated on a special day just for them. I like your idea of dad and son spending time with the dartboard set, good suggestion! I appreciate you taking time to read my post and I hope you come back and visit again!

  5. Brenda,
    Very informative and interesting, enjoyed reading your post and some great gifts! I did not know Father’s Day was celebrated so much around the world. I am glad to see Father’s are spending a lot more time with the day to day household work, that was once thought to be women’s work. Good to know.

    1. Hi Wayne, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. It is very nice that fathers are playing a more active role in the rearing of their children and that they are helping out with everything that a family needs. I appreciate your comment and hope to see you again!

  6. I have been searching the net frantically exploring different ideas for fathers day. I love the trivia you presented here. Wow, I had no idea a lot of these things! I learned more here than anywhere else. I like the dart board you presented here as a gift idea. it does not say on your page. Is that a soft tip board? I plan on going to check it out. My husband is working on a “man cave” and I am sure he would like it. I would rather not have holes in the walls though if he misses 🙂

    1. Hi Christina, thanks so much for your wonderful comment! I checked on the dartboard, and here are the specs: 15.25″ W, 3.25″ D, 15.25″ H, Lacquered box, Painted cork dart board, Includes six steel-tipped darts, two erasers, and two chalk sticks, Imported, Dust with a soft, dry cloth. Hope this helps and let me know how the “man cave” comes along!

  7. Great article on Father’s Day, Brenda. I had no idea there were so many different celebrations of fathers around the world and was particularly interested in the fact that 66 countries offer paid paternity leave.

    1. Thanks Tanya for your great comment! It’s nice to know that dads are appreciated globally isn’t it. It is interesting that so many countries offer paid paternity leave. Makes you wonder why the US doesn’t. I hope you come back to visit soon!

  8. Great post, I loved the history of fathers day and did not realize it only became a legal holiday back in 1972. I thought fathers day was one of those holidays that had been around forever and I see that it dated back to 1909.

    I do know in the past, dad was always the bread winner and mom was always home taking care of the children. As I grew up it seemed that when I had children of my own, we had to have two incomes so both my husband and I worked. I know now with the way the world has changed many moms are actually the bread winner leaving dad home with the kids, so roles have changed in many ways. It is not uncommon to see dad doing the grocery shopping and attending the school functions during working hours.

    I love the idea of unique gifts as my dad is so hard to buy for. I am pretty sure I will find that perfect something and love coming to your site as you always have such cool stuff, so I am on to shopping now and picking out that most unique treasure for my dad.

    1. Hi Dena, thanks for your wonderful comment! When I was researching Father’s Day, I was also surprised that it didn’t become a national holiday until 1972. A well deserved holiday for sure. Times have certainly changed since I was growing up and they are continuing to change. As I meet young dads now I see how committed they are to being a part of their children’s lives and being “present” is extremely important to them. It is wonderful to see this happen. I hope you find something perfect for your dad and if you have any questions or if I can help in any way, just let me know. Thanks again!

  9. Hello Again,
    You website is addicting for people, did you know that? What I love the most about your website is you have the most interesting gifts of any shop I have ever been on. I found the Father’s Day gifts quite interesting, I am sure most fathers would enjoy most of the gifts especially the fancy dart board. Fathers are just big kids you know, I can’t wait to see what you have next time I stop by.

    1. Thank you Jeff, your comment means a lot to me! Yes, the dartboard seems to be the most popular among the men that have seen it and really it’s okay to be a kid sometimes! A lot of people struggle with what to buy their fathers because they “have everything.” So I tried to find some ideas that were not so typical. No ties here! I hope you do come by and visit again and I hope I can keep you addicted, haha!

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