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Simple Home Decor Ideas for Spring!

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Simple Home Décor Ideas for Spring!


Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers

Spring is right around the corner!  Can you believe it?  Soon we will start seeing signs of life.  The crocus will start blooming, the irises and tulips will start popping up, the grass will start turning green, and the leaves will start budding on the trees!  I so love spring!

I’m sure you all know that another thing about spring is that it’s time for spring cleaning! Yes, time to clear out those winter blues and bring the life and color of spring into your home!  I have a few simple home décor ideas to bring springtime to your home!

Quilt Racks

Let’s start by putting away those winter items that kept us warm and cozy! That beautiful quilt you snuggled into can now be placed on a quilt rack!  This beautiful pine quilt rack is made in the USA and is one that I use to display my quilts.

USA-Made Pine Quilt Rack
USA-Made Pine Quilt Rack


Braided Baskets

We also need to put away those delightful afghans and throws that we wrapped around us while the snow was blowing outside! Why not use a basket that is the color of spring! These braided Polypro baskets are perfect for the job!

Floral Garden Braided Polypro Basket
Floral Garden Braided Polypro Basket

Window Treatments

Now let’s think about our windows. When spring starts peeking through the cold nights and the smell of spring is in the air, I always want to throw open the windows and take a deep breath! I also love to put light, airy window treatments on my windows. Look at this beautiful tie-up shade!

Hydrangea Balloon Tie Up Shade
Hydrangea Balloon Tie Up Shade

I think these sheers are absolutely stunning!

Jacobean White Sheer Panels
Jacobean White Sheer Panels

Patio Ideas

I know as spring approaches, I will have a very strong desire to be outside! I love the outdoors in the spring! Here’s a couple of ideas for the patio!

A simple yet unique metal wreath with the color of spring –

Blue Floral Metal Wreath
Blue Floral Metal Wreath

And don’t forget to sit, enjoy and breathe!

Easy Care Resin Wicker Swing
Easy Care Resin Wicker Swing

And Don’t Forget the Pet!

Although not necessarily just for spring, I know when I am ready to get outside and enjoy watching spring “spring” to life, my little dog, Lola, does too! Why not have that leash ready to go!

Personalized Leash Holder
Personalized Leash Holder

And after a long, hard day playing in the spring flowers, my little Lola is worn out! A great place to relax would be this pet bed!

Sherpa Puff Ball Pet Bed
Sherpa Puff Ball Pet Bed


So, I’m getting excited about SPRING!! How about you?


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I hope you have enjoyed some of my simple home decor ideas for spring! I certainly enjoyed sharing them with you!



I really enjoy hearing from readers, so please leave a comment below to let me know if you enjoyed my post, if there is anything I can do to make a post better, if you found a décor item you were looking for, or if you have any questions.  Thank you!


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10 thoughts on “Simple Home Decor Ideas for Spring!

  1. Hi! Brenda,

    True, Spring is near! It’s time to say goodbye to Winter stuffs and welcome new and creative ideas for perfect and relaxing home environment at Spring. Thanks for providing reviews of the products of the company you are promoting. I love the Easy Care Resin Wicker Swing. What a relaxing moment outside the house with that lovely swing. I enjoyed exploring your site and it seems I felt the cool breeze of Spring and looking forward on summer time…I cannot wait to modify my house decorations for Spring and your insights helped me create ideas.Other than that, I enjoyed reading your articles.All the Best!

    1. Thank you so much Shierly! Spring is getting closer and closer and I can hardly wait. It is my favorite time of year. I want to be in that porch swing for sure! Please come back to visit anytime.

  2. This got me in the mood for spring and doing some spring decorating thank you! Even though it is almost the middle of March I am currently awaiting another Nor’ Easter in New England that is heading our way…. thank you so much for lifting my spirits and reminding me that spring is indeed on the way and it will arrive sooner or later! I absolutely love the porch swing— I will be checking that one out!

    1. We had, hopefully, our last snow over the weekend.  I know those of you in the northeast have had more than enough and I hope you are safe and warm! Please come back and visit anytime and I love the porch swing too!

  3. Spring is my favorite time of year! Dusting off all the winter blues and getting ready for the splashes of natural color. I think that is why they call it spring cleaning. These are some great inspirational ideas to brighten up spaces inside and out. Plus some bonus for the Puppy dogs 🙂 Love the light curtains. I have great windows that could use some brightening with these!

    1. It is my favorite time of year too Christina. Everything starts to awaken outside and the birds return and the smell of spring is fresh and green! I have great windows too and these curtains are perfect for letting the sunshine in and making the room airy and fresh. Let me know if you get some and if you have any questions or if I can help in any way, just let me know. Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate it!

  4. These are beautiful ideas, Brenda. I have not thought of displaying my quilt! It is folded and tucked into the very end of my wardrobe. Can’t wait to see what you have next.

    1. Hi Sharon! You should definitely display your quilt! To me, quilts have a personality. They tell a story. My quilts are my family’s story and have been made with love and I can feel it when I look at them. They are also one of a kind and when you think about the time and patience in making one it can bring a special appreciation to the one that made it. So get that quilt out of your wardrobe! I appreciate your comments and hope to see you soon!

  5. Great products, Brenda. I had no idea that a wicker design could be achieved with resin which probably lasts a lot longer than wicker would outside. Appreciate the introduction to Plow & Hearth. It appears they have lots of wonderful products.

    1. Thanks for your comment Tanya! Yes, wicker doesn’t do well outside but resin products lasts for a very long time. Plow & Hearth has great products, I hope you check them out. Let me know if I can help you pick something special out!

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