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Rowe Pottery – Beautiful and Practical Home Decor!

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Rowe Pottery

You all know that I love, love, love pottery and I am constantly on the look out for interesting pottery pieces. I have found some beautiful Rowe pottery that I wanted to share with you.

Rowe Pottery was established in 1975 in Cambridge, Wisconsin. In the late 1970’s, as a two-person pottery studio and shop, sales were made through art fairs and the studio showroom. All the Rowe Pottery was made by hand on the potter’s wheel and the pots were fired in the brick kiln out behind the small workshop.

Rowe Pottery Mixing Bowls
Rowe Pottery Mixing Bowls

The Rowe Pottery Mixing Bowls feature the Classic Cambridge pattern. Choose from three sizes of mixing bowls – 1-1/2 quart, 3 quarts, and 1 gallon. To order the entire 3-bowl set, you will need to order each size bowl separately. The bowls fit inside one another for space-saving storage. Like all Rowe products, these bowls are glazed with lead-free glazes, and are safe for use in your microwave, oven and dishwasher.

Because all salt glazed pottery is handmade and hand painted, you will find originality and uniqueness in each piece. The size, shape, and pattern of each piece will vary. Also, color variations, which occur during the firing process, create the high and low color tones that give your piece its unique character. Natural color tones of the pottery pieces vary ranging from stone gray to tan, with cobalt blue accents.

Only $49.95!  


Interest in collecting antique cobalt blue decorated salt glaze crocks and jugs was the inspiration to change the studio’s pottery product line in early 1980. Rowe Pottery changed from it’s original style of pottery to making museum quality reproductions of Early American salt glaze crocks and jugs. The value of early crockery was skyrocketing and quality adaptations of the early designs were not available.

Rowe Pottery, making salt glaze pottery for years, knew many of the secrets of this type of production. The American country home decorating movement provided an eager customer base to grow the studio into a viable business. Today, Rowe Pottery Works still makes several styles of pottery including the ever-popular salt glaze stoneware.

Rowe Pottery Stoneware Crocks
Rowe Pottery Stoneware Crocks

This Rowe Pottery stoneware crock comes in a pinewood design. Rowe Pottery has handcrafted crocks in the traditional manner of old-world salt-glazed pottery. All of Rowe Pottery’s salt-glazed pieces are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe and lead-free. This pinewood pattern 1 1/2 pint crock is a perfect gift for any special occasion.

Only $34.95!  


In keeping with the character of salt-glazed stoneware, Rowe Pottery pieces are not only decorative, but suitable for baking and serving. They go from oven to table top, and the interior glaze allows for easy clean-up. All of Rowe Pottery’s salt-glazed pieces are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe and lead-free. Rowe Pottery offers a variety of items from their salt-glazed stoneware line including bowls, crocks, pitchers, vases and dinnerware. Some items may be personalized or custom ordered. All are handmade with the quality craftsmanship that is the essence of  Rowe Pottery.

Rowe Pottery Popcorn Bowl
Rowe Pottery Popcorn Bowl

Enjoy your popcorn in this Rowe Pottery Popcorn Bowl. This classic salt-glazed pottery bowl has a design featuring Fresh Popcorn, an ear of corn, and several popped kernels of corn. Every popcorn lover will appreciate this quality pottery bowl. Hand-made and painted by local artisans at Rowe Pottery, bowls are designed in the traditional manner, but have all the features of safety, durability, and versatility characteristic of today’s stoneware; they have lead-free glazes and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Only $49.95!  


Each piece of Rowe pottery begins as a raw lump of clay that is then transformed into a mug, platter, vase or dinnerware piece by an artisan. Each piece of greenware is ready for firing after it has been glazed or hand decorated.

In the back room of Rowe Pottery stands a kiln the size of a small garage. Carts, known as cars, are stacked high with greenware, and are ready for the final 14 hour firing process. A fully loaded car is pulled into the kiln where the temperature is slowly raised to drive out the water and burn out the impurities in the clay.

Rowe Pottery Personalized Utensil Jar - Rooster
Rowe Pottery Personalized Utensil Jar – Rooster

The Rowe Pottery Personalized Utensil Jar with the popular Rooster Pattern will liven up any kitchen! Add a personalized message to this useful 1.5 quart utensil jar and have the perfect hand-made utensil jar to store your kitchen gadgets in style, or as a charming vase for fresh flowers. The Rooster pattern utensil jar, like all Rowe products, is made with lead-free glazes, and is safe for use in your microwave, oven and dishwasher.

When the kiln has cooled after the firing process it is opened. There is always an element of surprise as each piece is taken from the kiln. The firing process accents the glazes and the decorator’s brush strokes, highlights of the touch of the potter’s hands burnishes the color of the clay or glaze to a unique complexion making each piece individualized.

Only $49.95 ! 



Personalized Pie Plate - Rowe Pottery
Personalized Pie Plate – Rowe Pottery

The Personalized Pie Plate by Rowe Pottery is a special gift for the special baker in your life. This pie plate can be personalized to make it look as good as it bakes. Your pie crust will taste even better when baked in this attractive Pie Plate. The Personalized Pie Plate is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Please note the letter limitations in each field. The personalization information you provide for Line 1 will be placed above the heart pattern, and the information provided for Line 2 will be placed below the pattern. This pie plate is guaranteed to bake crust evenly and will be complimented by friends and family at any gathering!

Remember to place pie plate in oven while preheating. Because all salt glazed pottery is handmade and hand painted, you will find each piece to be original and unique. The size, shape, and pattern of each piece will vary. Also, color variations, which occur during the firing process, create the high and low color tones that give your piece its unique character. Natural color tones of the pottery pieces vary ranging from stone gray to tan, with cobalt blue accents. Allow 4-6 weeks for detail, firing, and delivery of all custom orders.

Only $52.95! 

So what do you think? I think these are great additions to any home and they would all make a wonderful gift too! So enjoy your Rowe pottery!



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8 thoughts on “Rowe Pottery – Beautiful and Practical Home Decor!

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. They would match my kitchen and my style perfectly! I love this type of look and pottery itself. Now all I have to do is convince the husband! May have to do a piece at a time. You talk about how they do personalized pieces as well. I also run a business myself and my uncle runs a catering business. Will they also do business names? I think it would be great to have at least a pie dish or even canisters if they could be personalized that way.

    1. Thanks so much Christina! I love this style too, so we have something in common! Yes, they do personalized on many of their pieces and you can put whatever name you want on the piece. They would be a great tool to promote your businesses, I think. That might also be a good way to convince your husband!! Please come back again soon, I appreciate your comments!

  2. Thanks for posting this and great timing as I picked up and old fashioned plate rack that hangs on the wall at an auction last weekend as was trying to decide what I was going to do with it. Now I know, I fell in love the personalized pie plates and think they will look great in my country kitchen. Do you know if they come in other colors? I would love to have them in red.

    1. Thanks for your comment Dena! Having a plate displayed on the wall would be gorgeous. They don’t come in red, but they have several patterns besides the heart pattern shown in my post. They have meadow flower, pinewood, star and teaberry patterns as well. You should check them out. I think you’ll find one that would be a perfect compliment. Thanks again!

  3. These are so enchanting! Really beautiful pottery. I am charmed by the designs. And the thought of each being unique is very attractive. Currently, I have a 6 year old niece in the house, and I can’t risk such works of art around her for the time being. As soon as she grows a little older, and understands the value of such masterpieces, I am going to get some! Thanks for sharing about these lovely pieces.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments! They are truly beautiful pieces, but probably would not suit a 6 year old and their inquisitive minds (and hands)!! I hope you do come back for a visit and you don’t have to wait until your niece gets older, you are welcome anytime!

  4. Beautiful pottery in your post today, I am a big fan of beautiful pottery. I love shopping for pottery and similar gifts for my mother who just can’t get enough of this type of gift. At least she seems to love the pottery gifts I give to her, so I recommend you consider pottery for a gift for your loved ones especially for Christmas.


    1. I’m glad you like the Rowe pottery! If I could I would probably have pottery everywhere in my house because I love it so. Just think, someone actually put their hands in clay and made them! I think that is amazing, I wish I had that talent. You are a very good son by giving your mom pottery! I know she has to love it. And you are right, pottery makes an excellent gift! Thank you for your wonderful comments, Jeff.

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