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Quick and Easy Winter Home Decorating Fixes for Your Master Bedroom

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Here are some really quick and easy winter home decorating fixes for your master bedroom!

Quick and Easy Winter Home Decor Fixes for Your Master Bedroom
A Bedroom of Old

Home interior decor experts always believe that the answer is in the detail for those that need to revolutionize their home interior look.  They suggest that the only thing you are required to do is to take a second and more critical look at your home and then just harmonize simple elements such as color, art, decor and accessories and you can quickly and efficiently transform the look of your home.  For me, winter is the time to “snuggle in!”  For that reason, we should take a look at winter home decorating ideas for the master bedroom!

Quilts and Bedspreads

A Country Getaway
A Country Getaway

I grew up in a family where everyone made quilts by hand and I am blessed to have many that my mother made for me.  I cherish them and when I’m “snuggled in” with one, I fondly remember my mother sitting in the living room with quilt pieces in hand and meticulously putting a work of art together! In most of the small towns in the area where I live there are “quilting bees” where everyone who quilts gets together to share, enjoy, laugh and of course, make quilts! I really do believe a quilt or a comfy bedspread can make any cold and dreary winter day turn a little brighter and definitely warmer!

PEM America Brooklyn Loom Sand Washed Cotton Full / Queen Quilt Set in Indigo Blue
PEM American Brooklyn Loom Sand Washed Cotton Full/Queen Quilt Set in Indigo Blue

Wall Art and Pictures

Pillows, Pictures and More!
Pillows, Pictures and More!

I believe that a simple way to transform a room is with wall art and pictures.  For winter, a warm and inviting picture or a unique piece of wall art just might bring that “snuggled in” feeling to anyone!  A picture of an inviting winter scene showing family gathered around a warm fire toasting marshmallows?  Sounds comfy to me! A wall art sculpture of a winter landscape could also do the trick.


Propac Alioa Fields Wall Art
Propac Alioa Fields Wall Art


I have no carpeting in my house.  It’s a personal choice.  I have a dog and a few cats and to me it’s much harder to keep carpeting clean than it is to clean hardwood or tile or vinyl floors.  But in the winter those floors can be a bit nippy!  A nice, warm rug to step on in those early morning hours can feel fantastic! It’s a simple and effective way to make that bedroom cozy!

Zuo Pure Alaska Rug
Zuo Pure Alaska Rug

Sculptures and Pottery

Although a sculpture or a piece of pottery may not seem that cozy, try looking at the curves and lines of the piece and you will see that they are in fact warm and inviting.  The colors can also make a piece warm and inviting.  To me they bring a comforting feeling because of their intricacies.  Knowing these works of art were created from loving hands and hearts brings a cuddly feeling to me!

Uttermost Ashlea Wooden Sculptures - Set of 2
Uttermost Ashlea Wooden Sculptures – Set of 2


Last but not least, we should all consider adding some decorative pillows to our bedroom decor.  They can spruce up a room immediately and when you “snuggle in” to that quilt, a nice pillow adds to that feeling.

Warm and Cozy Bedroom
Warm and Cozy Bedroom

It’s very cold here in the Midwest USA and although we can’t hibernate, we can still feel warm and cozy! You can too! I hope you enjoy transforming your master bedroom with these quick and easy winter home decorating ideas!


I really enjoy hearing from readers, so please leave a comment below to let me know if you enjoyed my post, if there is anything I can do to make a post better, if you found a décor item you were looking for, or if you have any questions.  Thank you!



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12 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Winter Home Decorating Fixes for Your Master Bedroom

  1. Home sweet home, home is where the heart is and a man’s and of cost a woman how is their castle, therefore, we should do all that we can to make our private world cozy and inviting. What you are sharing here is really great. These are some really good ideas to follow to make your home a place to come after a hard days work.

    1. Thank you Norman, I hope everyone can make a cozy, safe home as you said to come to after a hard day’s work.  I appreciate your comment and I hope you come back to my site soon! 

  2. This is exactly what I need, a “How To” on interior decor. I am horrible at feng shui and have no sense of what looks good with what, or the decor faux pas. This helps with that! Now just do the exact same thing for the rest of the rooms in my house and I’ll be set, lol!

  3. Thank you for offering so many good simple ways to transform a bedroom. I agree that the winter is the time to do this since you are inside so much more. And Im also in northern climes, so I am looking for the cozy aspect of my bedroom. My place is mainly furnished with antiques so stuff like pillows is really necessary to make it feel more comfortable. Great read!

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, feeling cozy in the winter is a “have-to” in my opinion!  I hope you come back to my site again soon!

  4. I absolutely LOVED your article as I am a decorating junkie lol!

    I actually had never thought of switching out my wall art in the winter time. I usually do switch my throws and my pillows… but changing my wall art is genius!!!

    Thank you for providing me with this new idea! I can’t wait for late fall to come around again so that I can shop for new wall décor!

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed it! I’ve found a few simple changes can make a big difference in home decorating and I hope you come back often as I’m going to have some more ideas on the way.  In fact, I just posted one on living rooms.  You can check it out at

      Thanks again and come back soon! 

  5. Loved your article! I just did a pillow “redo” in my master, including new shams and throw pillows and plus a new duvet cover. And that changed things up a bit. But I never thought of changing out what’s hanging on the walls. That would help too. So nice to be able to get a different look without spending a whole bunch of moolah periodically. Great ideas here!

    1. Thank you Mary for checking out my ideas! Winter can be a long, cold time and to have a little snuggle time is so important! I hope you come back to my site and read my other ideas, and thanks again! 

  6. I love quilts. My grandmother was the quilt making expert in our family. She could take any material, mostly pieces of cast off clothing, and magically turn it into the most beautiful quilt bedspread that you’ve ever seen!

    I like your idea of using nice, warm looking pictures in the bedroom like a fire burning in the fireplace or roasting marshmallows. I think it would make me feel much cozier when I am between the sheets in my bare feet because that is when I always feel the coldest.

    Even though I have carpeting except in my bathroom, I still like to have a throw rug in my bedroom for contrast. And, my cold tile bathroom is navigable without a pretty non-slip rug on the floor.

    I also have several sculptures and pedestals in the corners that add a touch of class.

    And, don’t get me started on pillows! The bigger and fluffier – the better!

    Thanks, for offering such great tips! You have definitely given me some ideas for improvements I want to make!


    1. I love quilts too and they not only keep me warm and cozy, but they remind me of my mother and my many aunts who have made so many beautiful ones!  I’m so glad you like my ideas and I hope you come back often and soon as I hope to have more! 

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