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Pet Lover’s Gifts! Unique Decor Ideas for that Special Pet!

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Pet Lover’s Gifts!

Unique Decor Ideas for that Special Pet!



I am a pet lover. Yes I love, love, love my pets! They bring me such happiness. Their unconditional love each and every day brings me a sense of well-being and comfort. It also truly touches me when a friend realizes how much my pets mean to me by giving me a gift just for them! Do you have friends that have pets that they adore? How about some pet lover’s gifts! I’ve come across some beautiful and unique decor ideas for that special pet, and wanted to share them with you.

Lola (pictured above) is my “pound puppy” as she came from a shelter. She is such a wonderful dog and so happy to have a happy, safe home! She would like to recommend a couple of products for you that she thinks would make a great gift!

Custom Painterly Pet Portraits
Custom Painterly Pet Portraits

Created by MG Stout.

Drawn from Nature

Your pet isn’t just an animal that shares your home–he or she is part of the family. Artist MG Stout understands that, and is ready to help you celebrate that special, four-footed friend in the style they deserve. Based on a photo that you provide, she creates a custom painted portrait that you (or your pet lover friend) will treasure for a lifetime.

A dog owner herself, MG Stout understands that each animal has a unique personality, and she works to convey that through her work. Using the photo as a reference, she uses charcoal and pencil to make her initial sketches directly onto the canvas. She then mixes her own custom colors, and uses layers of glazes that help to add an expressive texture to the piece. The final piece is vibrant and tries to capture the essence of what makes its subject unique. This is an unforgettable way to pay tribute to a current furry family member, or to commemorate a pet who now lives on in your heart. Painted in Lorton, Virginia.

Wouldn’t it make a great gift? Absolutely!

Lola is also a mutt and proud of it. We think she’s part pug and part terrier, but only she knows for sure. Because she is proud of her heritage, she wanted me to show you this unique gift idea —

Mutt Blueprint
Mutt Blueprint

Mutt Blueprint

This mutt dog blueprint pays an elegant and architectural tribute to your rescued best friend.

A Blueprint to Paw All Over

Celebrate your unique pup with this mutt dog blueprint. Draw from the growing collection of available long- and short-haired canine varieties to find the silhouette that best matches your special pooch. A stamp above the title proudly declares your dog a rescue. The design – attributed to architect “I.M. Paws” – has a retro style and aged finish that give the impression of a vintage document. Made in Portland, Oregon.

There are also different options available so you can pick the one that fits your dogs size, shape and markings!

Morris and Cali
Morris and Cali

Here are two of my beautiful cats, Morris and Cali! I live in the country and Morris (the yellow cat) and Cali (the calico) were both dumped by what I consider to be heartless people. I will never understand how anyone can dump an animal but they do. Lucky for me though, because Morris is the sweetest cat ever and Cali loves me with all her heart! They wanted you to see some great cat gift ideas —

Cat Composition Pillow
Cat Composition Pillow

Cat Composition Pillow

Unique from head to tail, this pillow features an acrostic poem celebrating your kitty’s special traits.

Open Meow Night

Your fur baby rules the family, and this decorative pillow poetically says you wouldn’t have it any other way. Unique from head to tail, each design features a playful acrostic poem celebrating your kitty’s special traits-from the Siamese’s “loud and low—pitched song” to the “formal clothes” of the aptly named Tuxedo—and an illustration with real meow factor. It’s stamped with an “Ailurophile” seal (aka “official cat purr-son”). Poems by Martin Geller. Illustration by Patricia Carlin. Made in Brooklyn, New York.

Here is the list of poems that you can get:
Mackerel Tabby
Maine Coon
Rescue Cat
Russian Blue

They also want you to take a look at these:
Cat Scratch Bookends
Cat Scratch Bookends

Bring your library to life with these sweet silhouetted bookends.

 The Cat’s Meow

For feline fanatics who can’t resist sinking their claws into a good story, Eric Gross’ eye-catching bookends keep your ever-expanding library in line and at a paw’s reach. Hand cut from carbon steel, it captures the silhouette of two kitties just itching to get a hold of the books between them. Handmade in Kentucky.

And I don’t want to forget my bird-loving friends, so here’s a great gift idea for them!

Birds in Flight Mobile
Birds in Flight Mobile

Birds In Flight Mobile

This flock of four graceful birds is made from cut and folded stainless steel.

Flight of Fancy

From DaVinci to the Wright brothers, designers have long been inspired by the organic grace of birds in flight. Israeli artist Rael Yaniv draws on the same inspiration to create a modern mobile made from polished stainless steel. Each of its graceful birds is constructed from a single piece of metal through the techniques of kirigami—the Japanese art of cut and folded paper. The feather-like perforations in the birds’ wings keep the composition light and airy, and cast intriguing shadows as they float through the air. This kinetic work of art makes a thoughtful gift for any bird lover. The tarnish-free materials are suitable for indoor or outdoor display. Made in Israel.

Well, I hope you like my fur babies ideas!


I really enjoy hearing from readers, so please leave a comment below to let me know if you enjoyed my post, if there is anything I can do to make a post better, if you found a décor item you were looking for, or if you have any questions.  Thank you!


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12 thoughts on “Pet Lover’s Gifts! Unique Decor Ideas for that Special Pet!

  1. I really like the first picture available for sale on uncommon goods. My brother would particularly love this, as his dog is definitely a terrier mutt. The dog is very hard to handle, but he listens to my brother ONLY.

    My mother would like the poem about the Siamese cat I got for her birthday. He is a very sweet boy and my Mom loves original things that nobody else has. She actually gets upset that people have the same things as her.

    1. Thanks Ernest! Terriers are very smart dogs and I think that’s why they can be hard to handle! I had a Siamese many years ago and he was beautiful. I hope you choose one of the products at Uncommon Goods. They are unique and make great gifts! Thank you for checking out my post and I hope you come back soon!

  2. I love your post. Our family has a couple of fur babies as well. Our dog is a mutt. However, my daughter likes to refer to her as a A Grade Certified Yard dog. Comical to say the least.
    These are some very interesting ideas on how to represent our loved ones. Although I have seen paintings of our animals I have never heard of this painter.
    I love the throw pillow ideas. I have not seen these before what a great touch.
    As far as the chimes go these for sure would go very nicely at my house with our humming bird chimes.
    Thank you for taking the time to honor our fur babies and bringing us these wonderful ideas.

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! I love my fur babies and I love Uncommon Goods, so I thought they would be a good pairing! I know how much I like it when someone thinks of me as an animal lover and gives me a present with that in mind. Maybe you should show my post to your family members (Mother’s Day is coming up!!) Please come back and visit soon and thanks again for your comments!

  3. Brenda,
    I like the pillow idea for the cats. I have a rescue cat at the present time, have owned many dogs and cats before. Did follow your link to look at the pillow and its options, will have to talk it over with others and see what they think.
    I also have several nest in the yard I keep my eye on, Robins, Bluebirds and Barn Swallows. I try not to interfere too much so they can hatch and go on their way.

    1. Those pillows are really cute aren’t they! I have 4 indoor cats (either dumped or strays that showed up at my house) and a small dog. Recently a feral cat got in my garage and had 4 kittens! So I feel I’m running a sanctuary now! I’m glad you liked the ideas for gifts and please come back and visit anytime 🙂

  4. I enjoyed very much your post on pet lovers gifts which are very unique and special, we do love our pets with all our hearts and love to spoil them. I really liked your pet custom painting since this is a gift which will keep your memories of your special companion for the rest of your life, I am a doggy lover and this post was extremely motivating for me


    1. Thanks so much Jeff! I truly love my fur babies as I know many, many people do. I tried to focus on the pet lovers and not just the pets in my article, because loving a pet is awesome! I know that I enjoy having reminders of my pets and I hope others will think of their pet loving friends when buying a gift for them. Please let your pet loving friends know about these ideas, thanks! 🙂

  5. This is a great post for unique animal gift ideas and I am all about different and unique. I recently lost one of my fur babies, Hoover, and would love to have a portrait of him to keep him close to our hearts. This is really a great concept and I am so happy that I found your site. I love the portrait of Lola and want to thank you for caring enough to give a fur baby a great home.

    1. Thanks for commenting Dena! I am so, so sorry for your loss. I lost one of my fur babies, Autumn, my Norwegian Elkhound, just before Christmas. I know how awful it is. I also felt that sometimes people forget about the people that love the animals and that they love to have reminders of their pets around them too. My little Lola is very happy, thanks for mentioning her. We helped each other through our loss of Autumn. I’m so glad you enjoyed my article!

  6. Hello,
    I am a returning reader to your amazing website, I love reading your posts they are full of so much useful information and your products are really extra special products for our pets and family and friends.

    I will be back

    1. Thank you so much Jeff! I am very happy to hear that you like my articles and the products I am showing. Pets, family and friends — what more is there?!!

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