People That Create Art With Their Hands

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People That Create Art With Their Hands

I know that such things as pottery, hand carved wood art and stained glass windows are certainly beautiful and practical objects and that they are produced by hand is awesome to me!

Stained Glass Ceiling
Stained Glass Ceiling

I recently decided to do a McMillan Dictionary search for “people that create art with their hands” and came up with these definitions:

Artisan – a worker who has special skill and training, especially one who makes things

Carver – someone who carves objects from stone or wood


Craft – a traditional skill of making things by hand, for example furniture or jewelry

Craft – something produced skillfully by hand, for example a plate or a piece of furniture

Craftsman – a man who makes beautiful or practical objects using his hands

Craftsmanship – the skill involved in making something beautiful or practical using your hands

Crafts person – someone who makes beautiful or practical objects using their hands

Craftswoman – a woman who makes beautiful or practical objects using her hands

Handicrafts – an activity in which people make beautiful objects using their hands

Handicrafts – beautiful objects made by people using their hands

I love these definitions!

Have any of you had the opportunity to visit an arts festival this year or know of one coming soon?  Please let me know!

I also have some articles on the brief history of stained glass, the simple beauty of pottery, hand carved wood, handmade pottery from Nicaragua, handcrafted wood decor, stained glass lamps, handcrafted wooden boxes called Waka Huia, handcrafted wreaths, tapestries, the beauty of stained glass, pottery by hand, and carving wood into art.  I hope you take a few moments to read them and thanks so much! For more about me, go to the About Me page above.


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3 thoughts on “People That Create Art With Their Hands

  1. My wife is a frustrated art’s teacher. In the 26 years we have been married I can not tell you how many projects she has done. The could be with tile, wood, stone, gems paint …. You get the picture

  2. Those are excellent definitions, Brenda. It almost appears that we are all artisans of some type, and I like to think that. Wonder what the difference is between a carver and a sculptor?

    1. I hadn’t thought of the idea that we are all artisans, I like it! I believe the difference between a carver and a sculptor is that carvers use only wood, while sculptors can create from many different materials. Thanks for commenting Tanya!

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