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Home Decor Decorative Boxes!

Decorative Boxes

Everyone loves a special decorative box for those special things we all love and cherish. Personally, I find decorative boxes perfect home decor accent pieces and I place them throughout my house. Decorative boxes are usually more than just functional they are also quite artistic. I know decorative boxes can be treasured as much as the treasure they may hold!

Decorating with Boxes

Once upon a time box held gifts, today they often are gifts. Decorative boxes are an important decor accent for tables, vanities, dressers, mantels—anywhere. Plain or fancy, boxes can (but don’t have to) hold all your trinkets and treasures. They can keep you organized and double as jewelry boxes. They are the perfect home for souvenirs for those who travel or family heirlooms, baby keepsakes, letters—anything or nothing.

I would like to share some beautiful home decor decorative boxes with you. Belle & June is a remarkable company that offers beautiful, unique, quality home decor items and they have some fantastic decorative boxes you need to see!

Imperial Beauty Square Box

Imperial Beauty Square Box

Handmade from wood and natural bone bonded with resin, this elegant box will recall the… [More]

Price: $190.00


Handmade from wood and natural bone bonded with resin, this elegant box will recall the anticipation of searching through your grandmother’s jewelry chest for new treasures. Savor that memory and create your own store of lavish delights. Each stroke of the floral motif is individually hand-carved and assembled to create a stunning design fit for an empress.

Materials: Bone

Color: Black, White

Dimensions: L:7.5″ W:7.5″ H:4″

The Belle & June Story

From their website, I would like to share the Belle & June story:

“Our Story

I believe when you enter your home, you should step into a space that welcomes and relaxes. Beautiful, well-crafted home accessories give a living space its own distinct character and turn a home into a haven. The right home accessories proudly and confidently express a distinct style and personality. I’m excited when I find a unique home décor item – one I look at and say, “That piece defines the space.” I love finding just the right place for it in a home and seeing it add a whole new dimension to a room.

Over the years, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the difficulty in finding an array of quality home accents. There are few options. So I decided it was time to fill this void. I carefully researched artisans and vendors known for handcraftsmanship, quality, and style; with the goal to develop an online boutique that makes beautiful, unique items easily accessible to the general consumer. is my vision. At you’ll find an outstanding and vast collection of wastebaskets, tissue holders, flower pots, coasters, trays, vintage wall clocks, candle holders, office accessories, serving pieces, unique vases, cozy throws, beautiful wall hangings, hand-painted frames, magazine holders, storage boxes and baskets, tabletop lighting and children’s accessories. These quality selections bring beauty, harmony, and creativity to any room in your home. is about expressing oneself in a passionate, heartfelt and unique way. It is for anyone determined to create a special space surrounded by all things beautiful. The story of the name When I started my business, I wanted a name with special meaning. My business is a huge part of me, so the name had to reflect the people and values that bring me joy every day. My daughter’s name is Isabelle (Belle for short.) I’m also from Quebec, and Belle means “beauty” in French. My son Jesse was born in June, one of our most beautiful months. So there you have it…Belle and June. It’s a reflection of my love for my children, my roots and my passion for all things beautiful.


I couldn’t say it better!

Gramercy White and Grey Box

Gramercy White and Grey Box

Stash your keys, coins or other items in this Gramercy Box. A honeycomb pattern crafted… [More]

Price: $45.00


This gorgeous design is also available in a photo frame and a tray!







Marble and Blue Agate Box

Marble And Blue Agate Box

The box we store our treasures in ought to be at least as interesting as what is inside… [More]

Price: $49.60


The box we store our treasures in ought to be at least as interesting as what is inside, yes? Presenting our Antilles Collection handcrafted Marble and Blue Agate Box. The cool elegance of quality White marble is crowned with a generous oval of highly polished, Silver foil-lined volcanic Blue Agate, whose exquisite banding showcases discrete depths of soothing blue, evocative of a sparkling Caribbean lagoon. Perhaps what’s inside won’t be as nice after all.

Dimensions: 5″W x 3″H x 3″D

Weight: 9 lbs.

Maidenhair Shadow Box

Maidenhair Shadow Box

Zen Garden-like with its labyrinth of enigmatically aligned Golden Ginkgo leaves and st… [More]

Price: $248.00


Poem 169 by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson numbered her poems rather than giving them titles.  This poem was written in 1860.  Ebon means Ebony.

Emily Dickinson

In Ebon Box, when years have flown
To reverently peer,
Wiping away the velvet dust
Summers have sprinkled there!

To hold a letter to the light—
Grown Tawny now, with time—
To con the faded syllables
That quickened us like Wine!

Perhaps a Flower’s shrivelled check
Among its stores to find—
Plucked far away, some morning—
By gallant—mouldering hand!

A curl, perhaps, from foreheads
Our Constancy forgot—
Perhaps, an Antique trinket—
In vanished fashions set!

And then to lay them quiet back—
And go about its care—
As if the little Ebon Box
Were none of our affair!

Gorgeous decorative boxes

Elmbridge 3 Watch Box

Elmbridge 3- Watch Box – Navy

Watch out! These faux shagreen accents are a bedroom must-have. Our most popular materi… [More]

Price: $470.00


Watch out! These faux shagreen accents are a bedroom must-have. Our most popular material covers the Elmbridge; a wood veneer border, poly-suede interior, and beveled glass lid are just a few of our brand-new watch box’s thoughtful details.

Measurements: 5-Watch Box: 7″L x 4.5″W x 3.5″H

Like to see more from Belle & June? Check it out here!




I have also written an article about handcrafted wooden boxes called the Waka Huia. They are absolutely beautiful boxes and I hope you take a minute to look at them. You can find my article here!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article. I hope you have found the perfect home decor decorative boxes for your place. Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thank you







— Brenda

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