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Handcrafted Wreaths

Handcrafted wreaths are a very common decoration used around the world for Christmas and other holidays.  Have you ever wondered where the tradition of wreaths came from or how it got started?  Let’s explore the long tradition of handcrafted wreaths and some of their historical uses.

30" Maple Leaf Wreath
30″ Maple Leaf Wreath

About 800 years before the birth of Christ, Greeks began to recognize the winners of their Olympic games by crowning them with wreaths made of laurel tree branches.  Years later, when the games moved from city to city, branches from local trees were used to make these victory wreaths for the winners.  During the Roman Empire, military and political leaders wore crowns of leaves and greenery.  For example, Julius Caesar was crowned with a wreath made of fresh laurel branches and leaves.

The transition of the wreath from a head adornment to a wall decoration is believed to have occurred when athletes (or perhaps victorious military leaders) returned home, and they would hang their headbands on their walls or doors, as a trophy of their victory.Evergreen wreaths at Christmas time are a familiar sight on doors, above fireplaces, and on homes.  Wreaths have been in use for many hundreds of years, even before the birth of Christ.  Many historians believe that the first wreaths date back to the Persian Empire, when royalty and members of the upper class wore diadems, or fabric headbands adorned with jewels.  Other cultures would later become fascinated with this tradition, picking it up and adapting it for themselves.

The Egyptian, Chinese, and Hebrew cultures were known to have used evergreen branches as a symbol of eternal life, because the conifer trees stayed green throughout the winter months.  After the birth of Christ, the Christmas wreath made of evergreen branches came to symbolize the triumph of life over the long winter months.


18" Artichoke Wreath
18″ Artichoke Wreath

The Advent wreath also became a popular holiday tradition after the birth of Christ.

This decoration was usually placed flat on a table and was used to count down the four weeks immediately preceding Christmas.  Traditionally the wreath was constructed with four candles in a circle and one candle in the middle.  The four outside candles were purple or violet, and the center candle was white.  Four weeks before Christmas, the first violet candle would be lit.  The following week, an additional candle would be lit, and so on, until the white center candle is lit on Christmas Eve or day, signifying the arrival of Christ.  A brief prayer was said to accompany the lighting of each candle.  The reason for the final candle being located in the center is to symbolize that we should keep Christ at the center of our lives and the center of the Christmas celebration.

Based on drawings and paintings, most historians believe that the use of evergreen wreaths at Christmas time spread across Northern Europe, Spain, and Italy during the early 19th century.  The greenery was used as a symbol of life persevering through the cold winter months, and the holly berries that were often used as an adornment were a symbol of the blood of Christ.

Beautiful Autumn Wreath
Beautiful Autumn Wreath


It is also believed that Europeans also used wreaths on their doors to represent their family identity, much like a family crest.  These wreaths were made from products grown in their own gardens, such as grapevines, fresh flowers, or other produce.  The crafting of these wreaths was a family ritual that followed the same general pattern year after year.

Ivory and Olive Birch Branch Wreath with Mini Leaves
Ivory and Olive Birch Branch Wreath with Mini Leaves

Today, wreaths are still widely used around the world.  In the U.S., wreaths are a traditional decoration for Christmas, as well as many other holidays throughout the year.  Wreaths now adorn doors for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Easter.  Furthermore, wreaths are no longer limited to only evergreen branches.  Many craft stores, books, and television shows feature unique wreaths made of a variety of unusual materials and decorations for almost any occasion.

Here are some gorgeous wreaths —

30-Inch Maple Leaf Wreath

30-Inch Maple Leaf Wreath [More]

Price: $106.00
Sale: $63.95


18-Inch Artichoke Wreath

18-Inch Artichoke Wreath [More]

Price: $95.00
Sale: $57.95

Green and Rust Pumpkin and Gourd Wreath

Green and Rust Pumpkin and Gourd Wreath [More]

Price: $89.00
Sale: $61.60

Ivory and Olive Birch Branch Wreath with M…

Ivory and Olive Birch Branch Wreath with Mini Leaves [More]

Price: $77.00
Sale: $61.51

A handcrafted wreath can say “welcome” to your home and will share with others your love of beauty, so take a look and pick one that is perfect for you and your home!



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8 thoughts on “Handcrafted Wreaths

  1. Nice article, I enjoyed reading it.

    As a Christian, I grew up with the tradition of celebrating Christmas and we always had wreaths hanging on our doors; different sizes and designs.

    I had no idea people have been using wreaths as crowns even before the birth of Christ. historians could be right when they trace back the first wreath from the Persian Empire. We read in the Bible the story of Esther (in the book of Esther) who became queen after King Xerxes married her and replaced Queen Vashti. We also read how Esther was adorned with jewels, and perhaps among those was a wreath as symbol that she has become a member of the royalties.

    Wreaths on Halloween? hmmm… haven’t seen anyone using wreaths as Halloween decors.

    1. Thanks for your comment Alice.  I think these days wreaths are used throughout the year and the history of wreaths is certainly interesting isn’t it!  I haven’t seen a Halloween wreath, but if you want, I can probably find one for you! 

  2. Very interesting history on wreaths. My wife has a wreath for just about every occasion that she hangs on the front door. We live in Arizona, so as soon as the temperatures drop below 100 she decides it’s time for the “fall” decor. That leads us to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then we have Easter in the spring. Just about the only occasion or holiday we don’t have a wreath for in Fourth of July. You have a very cool assortment of wreaths here. Do you know how they are shipped? Is there any assembly required?

    1. Thanks Steve and Kris for your comment!  I have done some checking and there is no assembly required.  As to how they are shipped, I couldn’t get a direct answer, but I know the Bellacor company is very reputable and would send it the safest way possible.  I also wanted to let you know that there are also wreaths for the Fourth of July!!

  3. I really do love to visit your shop, you always have such nice gifts in your post for my family and friends. I used to always purchase a handcrafted wreath every Christmas for my mother, she loves those handcrafted gifts and they alway brighten up her holiday. I highly recommend these handcrafted gifts for seniors hard to buy for, you will find senior ladies really love this type of gift.


    1. Thanks for your nice comments Jeffrey! I hadn’t thought of it, but handcrafted gifts would be great for senior gifts. They are always so hard to shop for because it seems they have everything, but a handcrafted item would be one of a kind and it’s doubtful they would already have one. Thanks for sharing this with my readers and me!

  4. This is a wonderful article about wreaths, and I learned so much through the history lesson as I did not realize the beginning of wreaths and how they became popular to have on the door.

    I absolutely love wreaths I always have one on my door depending on the season. I just love the autumn wreath and it is so reasonably priced just in time for fall, and love the idea that it is on sale. Yea! I am always up for a sale and plan to get mine on order right away.

    1. Thanks for checking out my wreaths Dena! I love them too. They just add that little bit of home to a door don’t they! If you want to sign up for emails, I’ll be sure to send you other great home decor ideas that are on sale as well as other special offers. Have a great day!

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