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Designer Bedding Collections – Sleep in Luxury!

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Designer Bedding Collections – Sleep in Luxury!

Ashley Hicks Sheet Set by Frette
Luxurious Designer Bedding!

Having trouble sleeping? Just can’t seem to get comfortable? Have you thought about WHAT you are sleeping on?  I know from my own experience that sleeping on designer bedding can make a huge difference in sleep quality.  I don’t know if it is a mind-over-matter thing or what but snuggling into bed with beautiful and luxurious linens will put me in a warm, deep sleep and I awaken feeling wonderful!

Frette Shanghai Vertigo Sheet Set
Frette Shanghai Vertigo Sheet Set

Frette Shanghai Vertigo Sheet Set – Yellow…

Border jacquard sheet set. Includes top sheet, bottom sheet and two pillowcases. Pure c… [More]

Price: $1500.00
Sale: $600.00


So I got to wondering if there was any “scientific” truth to this.  Sure enough, I was right! The National Sleep Association recently published an article that deals with this and they said –

“A great night’s sleep can depend on the comfort you feel in your bedroom environment.”

They went on to say, “The feel of your mattress, pillows, sheets, and pajamas affects the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should be comfortable and supportive so that you wake up feeling rested, not achy or stiff.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessarily better to sleep on an extra firm mattress, so use your body as a guide for what feels best through the night. The same applies to pillows: soft or firm is a matter of preference, but think about replacing pillows when they become lumpy or shapeless. The type and number of pillows you use depends in part on your sleeping position.

Temperature plays a big role in quality sleep. Mattress materials, as well as the fabrics on your bed and your body, deal with heat differently. For example, many people find memory foam comfortable, but some materials can trap heat and make it more difficult to sleep in warmer months. For pajamas and sheets, it may help to choose a breathable cotton fabric so that you don’t overheat. There are newer fabrics available that also have the ability to wick away moisture—especially helpful if you sweat when you sleep.”

Frette Porto Sheet Set
Frette Porto Sheet Set

Frette Porto Sheet Set – Slate Grey – King…

A contemporary Sheet Set from the Porto bedlinen range crafted in soft cotton sateen an… [More]

Price: $775.00



93% of Americans rated a comfortable mattress, 91% rated comfortable pillows and 86% rated a comfortable feel of sheets and bedding as important to good sleep in the National Sleep Foundation’s 2012 Bedroom Poll.

If you would like to read more from the National Sleep Association, please go to


I know of a fantastic company in Italy known as Frette that provides beautiful designer bedding collections.  Their products are incredible.

Designer Bedding Collections for Every Season

In addition to their beautiful Classic Collection, Frette offers a number of new seasonal bedding collections twice each year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. While each collection may be inspired by something different, every bed linen shares those qualities — Fiber, Finish, and Feel — that make Frette the provider of the finest linens in the world. They always offer high quality raw materials, including extra-long staple cotton, pure flax linen, and luxurious silk; exceptional finishing and tailoring that results in soft, silky, durable pieces; and a feel that is remarkably comfortable against the skin.

Frette’s seasonal designer bedding collections take their inspiration from the world around us. The muses for a few of their previous collections have included the artistry and splendor of the Italian city of Milan, the elegance and beauty of the natural world, and the strong lines and angles of the modern urban world. Our designers have also introduced classic patterns and colors into the new seasonal bedding collections, giving them a contemporary look and feel that would be a welcome addition to any modern home. Their seasonal collections coordinate flawlessly with sheets and shams from their Classic Collections, allowing you to incorporate the new pieces elegantly into your existing bedding selection.



Frette Macrame Pizzo Sheet Set
Frette Macrame Pizzo Sheet Set

Frette Macrame Pizzo Sheet Set Ivory King …

A sheet set in smooth, lustrous cotton sateen finished with intricate Sicilian lace for… [More]

Price: $2300.00

If you are struggling with sleep, why not try a set of beautiful linens, you can’t go wrong!




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8 thoughts on “Designer Bedding Collections – Sleep in Luxury!

  1. Brenda, I agree with you that luxury bedding makes a difference when you sleep. Not only does it feel good against your skin but it also makes you feel more relaxed when you are sleeping. The quality of the material is better when compared to a cheaper set and that has to help for sure. The Frette brand sounds wonderful!

    Also, having a harder mattress doesn’t necessarily make better sleeping as you mention. It all depends on how you sleep and how your body reacts to the mattress.

    This is a very informative post. Donna

  2. oh gosh there is just something about plush bedding that is soooo attractive.

    I totally agree with you that bedroom environment is incredibly important to the quality of your sleep.

    Oh I don’t know if these are quite within my price range but will definitely be checking these beauties out more closely!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on the designer bedding.  It is true that they are a little pricey, but remember they last a very long time, so in the long run you have probably saved money.  Just a thought! Please come back and visit soon and often. 

  3. There is nothing better in this world than sliding between soft, cool, silky sheets after a long, hard day! The Frette sheets are beautiful and look like wonderful quality.

    I also saw the bath linens and blankets on the Frette site–very luxurious and pretty colors! When we remodel our bedroom and master bath, these would be a wonderful addition.

    1. Frette is a wonderful company and their products are top notch. I hope you come back soon and get some of those beautiful bath linens! Thanks for your comments!

  4. I have heard that good sleep has many elements and the look and feel of the bedroom is a major factor. There is nothing better than sliding into nice clean elegant sheets.

    I have more of a country style home so was not sure if these would be right for me but after checking them out I found that many of the styles of sheets will compliment my home nicely. I absolutely love the detailing and will definitely check these out more thoroughly. You may have just made my night much more restful.

    1. My bedroom is my sanctuary and having beautiful sheets puts me in such a good mood at the end of the day! I know some of the sheets seem very formal, but like you, I found many sheets that suit a more country-style home. They make a difference in sleep quality for sure. I’m glad you enjoyed my post and I hope you come back and visit soon!

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