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Bird Baths and Fountains – Enjoy Our Feathered Friends!

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Bird Baths and Fountains – Enjoy Our Feathered Friends!

Bird Baths and Fountains
Bird Baths and Fountains

Where I live in the middle of America there is drought. Severe drought. This is the Midwest where the soybeans, corn and beef grow for the world to eat. Everything is brown and the crops and pastures are suffering. It is very, very sad. My friends and I were recently talking about how the drought causes other things to suffer as well. Those critters that live wild and free must be seeking water. We also talked about our feathered friends. What are they doing for water? Bird Baths and Fountains are the solution! I have a bird bath for my feathered friends and I love sitting and watching them drink, bathe, play and enjoy the water! They are chirping and frolicking and it is a joy to watch their happiness! So I would like everyone to think about the birds around your home and what you can do to make their lives a little easier and without a doubt much happier!

Here are some absolutely wonderful bird baths and fountains from Serenity Health & Home Decor, so please take a look!




Types of Bird Baths and Fountains

There are all kinds of water fountains. First, the solar fountain.

Beauty of a Water Feature Without the Operating Costs

  • Place in direct sunlight for operation
  • Solar-on-demand fountains include a battery pack for operation after daylight outside
  • Choose from styles including solar pond fountains, birdbaths, solar-on-demand fountains, wall fountains and tiered fountains
  • Materials include: fiberglass, polyresin, ceramic and polystone

Then there are lightweight fountains.

Low-Maintenance, Easy to Move and Attractive

  • Easy to lift, place and move for relocation or storage
  • Available in solar, solar-on-demand and electric options
  • Styles include tiered, urn, rustic and modern

Next you might want to look at a tiered fountain.

Bathing Birds
Bathing Birds

Classic Beauty for Your Patio or Garden

  • Available in solar, electric or solar-on-demand options
  • Adds charming elegance to the patio, garden or backyard
  • Choose from a number of traditional or contemporary styles made from resin, fiberglass, polystone and other durable materials

And who doesn't love rock waterfall fountains!

Nature-Inspired Charm for Your Outdoor Space

  • Many rock design water feature options available
  • Select one with natural looking moss, logs, tree trunks or rock styles
  • Available in tiered or waterfall style options

There are also fountains for the wall.

Bird Drinking Water
Bird Drinking Water

Dress Up Your Outdoor Walls

  • Select simple resin fountains with intricate detailing or more modern features with sleek finishes
  • Traditional, contemporary and modern wall-mount features available
  • Choose solar, solar-on-demand or electric options

For a rustic look, try wooden water fountains.

Natural Elements Beautifully Combined

  • Durable and charming fir wood construction
  • Easy plug-in electric operation
  • Tiered barrel and wishing well styles available

Stone garden fountains are very impressive!

Birds Cuddling
Birds Cuddling

Add a Touch of Art & Culture to Your Backyard

  • Stunning designs and built to last from slate, cast stone and glass fiber reinforced concrete
  • Traditional, modern, contemporary and whimsical selections
  • Styles include classic tiered, rustic waterfalls, and unique sculptures


Serenity Health & Home is one of my favorite places to visit. Following is their About Me page and I think it truly says what this company is all about.

"Serenity Health & Home Décor provides you with thousands of stress-free and relaxation and home decor products.  We want you to find products that truly calm, relax and bring serenity into your life and beautify your home both indoors and out.  Whether it is a tabletop water fountain, a wall fountain or a garden fountain you are searching for, water fountains will provide you with the soothing feeling flowing water creates.  We invite you to browse through the site to help bring Feng Shui into your life today.  You will also find true relaxation with our fire pits, hammocks, natural alarm clocks, wind chimes and spinners and bean bag furniture.

Our headquarters are located among the beautiful lakes, rivers and trees of Northern Wisconsin.  We feel fortunate to enjoy all four seasons, the beautiful warm summer days, cool nights, gorgeous autumn leaves and snowy winters.  Wisconsin brings fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing and many other relaxing activities.  You will find an abundance of beautiful lakes and rivers.  We want to share the wonderful water and all benefits of flowing water to you with our products.

Water Fountain
Water Fountain

We truly love all the products we sell and truly believe there are many benefits to relaxing and taking time for you.  This is why we want to share these products with you.  You will find a wide variety of stress-relief and relaxation products, from natural alarm clocks, to bean bags for adults and children, many outdoor living products such as furniture, fire pits, garden fountains and more to beautiful indoor  fountains of all sizes, spa comforts, hammocks and much more!

Serenity Health & Home Décor doesn’t stop there. Our product development team is constantly searching for new, high-quality relaxation and indoor and outdoor decor for the home. However, our team is very selective to assure that we offer only the highest quality products. We are confident in our products and confident you will be more than satisfied with your order.

When you call us you will find experienced, helpful, dedicated people you can talk to about your questions and who are willing to take the time and help you find the perfect gift or home decor product.

Since 1998 we have been offering outstanding customer service, the highest quality products and a comfortable, secure shopping environment online. You will also find that stands behind all products and has the customer in mind with our Money-Back Guarantee, Price Match Guarantee, Privacy Policy and Secure Ordering System. Any question you have, we are here and ready to help you.  Just call us at 1-888-881-4668 during office hours or email us anytime at

Enjoy your shopping experience at Serenity Health & Home Décor.  The Serenity Family thanks you for all the years of support."

Beautiful Bird and Flower
Beautiful Bird and Flower

Please think about those feathered friends out there, especially in the heat of summer. They need out help!



I really enjoy hearing from readers, so please leave a comment below to let me know if you enjoyed my post, if there is anything I can do to make a post better, if you found a décor item you were looking for, or if you have any questions.  Thank you!


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8 thoughts on “Bird Baths and Fountains – Enjoy Our Feathered Friends!

  1. Hello Brenda,
    Ah this was such a lovely post. And I so hope that drought ends! I am in the mountains of NC and we have had so much rain we are almost flooding. There must be a happy medium somewhere?
    I so hope that all of our nature buddies get through this ok.
    Thanks for doing this article. Great pieces.
    in peace and gratitude,ariel

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Ariel! It would be nice if Mother Nature would spread the wealth, so to speak! Rain is needed in so many places while others are getting way too much. But I guess nature has it’s own plan! I hope everyone stricken with drought thinks about our feathered friends, they need help in these hot, dry times.

  2. Thanks for the awesome reminder as I live in the mid-west too and it is so hot and dry this year, I bet the birds would really enjoy a nice waterfall to splash around in. I am excited about the solar version as I would love to have one out front but due to my circle drive we would have to run the cord across the drive and then we would be running over it all the time. The hard part is trying to decide which one I want.

    1. Thanks Dena for leaving a comment! I love the solar versions too. They are simple and efficient, who could ask for more?! It sounds like you have found the perfect spot for one and I’m sure you would be happy with any of the ones shown. Let me know how it works out! Meanwhile, my feathered friends are splashing around in mine and having a grand time!

  3. What a wonderful idea and great post! I love the concept of sharing our resources with the creatures in our neighborhood. Sharing water with them is so important during this hot weather.

    It is the same in Singapore. The weather is getting hot, and a bird bath or fountain is a super brilliant gift to our animal friends.

    My mom places an apple every few days in our garden. Our garden is a rural garden and mostly potted plants. She would tie an apple to one of the taller plants, and the birds will come and enjoy the feast. And they return us the gift of song. It is so beautiful to hear the birds singing outside our home.

    Next step – will look into a bird bath or fountain for them. Thanks again for the idea!

    1. Hi Timotheus, thanks for the comment! I love the idea of placing an apple in a tree for the birds to enjoy. I have never heard of this but I’m going to start doing this myself. Thank your mom for me! I can tell you that the birds around my house love their bird bath and they spend a lot of time playing in the water. It is so nice to sit and watch them! I hope you do decide on a bird bath or fountain. You will always enjoy it (and the birds will too)!

  4. I enjoy the birds visiting my yard so much. We have not been struggling here in NC for rain. However, summertime standing bird baths tend to fill with mosquito larva. The fountains look like such a cleaner, nicer option for the birds and a way to cut down this issue. I love my feathered friends. I can not wait to try one or more of these ideas for our yard.

    1. Thank you for your comment Christina! I am glad to know that the drought hasn’t hit your area. You are absolutely right that standing bird baths can contain mosquito larva and that is definitely not a good thing. Running water eliminates that problem. I hope you consider one of my bird baths, they are such fun to watch the birds!

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